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Dare to Nurture

Managing the welfare of individuals within an organisation is now an accepted priority. Most businesses understand how employee wellbeing impacts on the culture of their workplace.

In pure commercial terms, having staff who feel valued, cared for and nurtured in all areas of their life – not just the 8 or more hours they’re at their desks – translates into improved productivity and profitability.

But there is a cultural dynamic that a strategic approach to workplace wellbeing can create which, done well, can help leaders and their managers to meet the challenges around Inclusion and Diversity head on.

The ultimate goal for all organisations should be to create an environment in which people can thrive and flourish, because how we are treated and valued at work has an exponential effect on how included we feel.

By ensuring a culture where people are nurtured and emotionally nourished – and by aligning that work with the Inclusion and Diversity values you apply to your processes and policies – we create workplaces where the challenges normally presented by I&D work can be tackled more easily.

At Convergent, we have the expertise and experience to help transform senior and mid-management executive styles so they embody the inclusive values of the workplaces they lead.

But just as importantly, we are also able to help you shape and support the wellbeing practices, processes and resources that are needed to establish a happy, inclusive and productive culture.

Wellbeing is about more than just a reactive process of helping people to manage their mental and physical health when things get tough. In a modern business it’s also about giving people the tools and knowledge to enable them to protect their wellbeing and avoid problems in the future.

Meaningful wellbeing is about providing a supportive and empowering environment that places as much emphasis on self-enablement as it does on practical support around issues such as health management.

Through our partnership with Luminate, we are able to support you through a wide range of wellbeing initiatives that include:

Mental Health Awareness
Mental Health First Aid
Financial Education & Wellbeing
Counselling & Coaching
Company Wellbeing Programmes
Employee Wellbeing Surveying
Wellbeing for Leaders

Businesses that take their wellbeing strategies seriously and invest in them properly are shown to enjoy better recruitment and retention rates, higher levels of staff engagement and goodwill, increased employee contentment, reduced sickness absences and improved organisational inclusivity.

Often, objections to the introduction of organisational wellbeing initiatives come from business leaders who see the investment needed as an unnecessary burden. Yet there is much research now to show that businesses in which wellbeing is prioritised enjoy increased productivity and profitability.

So if you’d like to understand more about how we can support you in building a more inclusive, diverse and successful business through improved employee wellbeing, get in touch for a chat.

Find out more about our wellbeing workshops.

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