“The secret to happy workplaces is about creating the conditions which allow employees to do their best work.”

Ron Friedman

When we fail to meet the key basic wellbeing needs of people, health and performance suffer – not just for them, but for their organisation.

Wellbeing is measured across four fundamental areas and our coaching sessions, workshops and consultancy services are designed to make sure you’re in the best possible position to look after your health.

Our team of wellbeing experts work together to provide a complete solution tailored to your individual and organisational needs. The ultimate goal is to create conditions where you can thrive and flourish, at work and at home.

Mental Wellbeing

UK business loses around 97 million days every year because of poor mental health. That’s a quarter of a million years – and your business isn’t immune. So imagine what that’s doing to your bottom line.

People talk about ‘work/life balance’ and how important it is to create the right distance between the pressures that exist in our jobs and those we deal with at home. Yet we’re not just talking about the health of the individual, but the health of your company.

Apart from being a massive contributor to low productivity, poor mental wellbeing also has a significant and negative effect on the culture of your organisation. It affects our ability and willingness to engage productively with colleagues, stakeholders and clients and impacts on how we value ourselves.

Understanding the emotional challenges that work brings can better equip both the individual and the business to work together and find strategies to promote good mental wellbeing. We do this through individual coaching, and through workshops for your organisation’s people.

Financial Wellbeing

Even before mortgages are taken into account, the average person in 2018 owes around £13,000 in personal debt, making salary a significant factor in financial security.

Financial security is an essential element of overall emotional health. Personal debt and financial uncertainty have a tangible impact on productivity and engagement, which is why salary is likely to feature at the top of staff surveys when it comes to things your colleagues are unhappy about.

We provide workshops on improving the financial literacy of your work-force, so they are better placed to manage their finances with confidence, replacing feelings of stress and anxiety.

Through coaching, you’ll learn how positive engagement with team members, who may be struggling with financial wellbeing issues, can allow you to support them in ways that allow them to improve their overall health.

Physical Wellbeing

Those 250,000 years lost to business through poor mental health each year? They’re only part of the story. Another 164,000 years are lost to physical illness.

If you want your business to be fit and healthy, your people need to be fit and healthy. Endless late nights, stress and poor nutrition all take a physical toll on people, leaving them vulnerable to illness, and often lead to negative behavioural choices which pose further risk to wellbeing.

It’s important to understand the impact that the demands of working life have on you and others. It leaves you better placed to ensure the people who work with and for you are properly supported and encouraged to look after their physical health.

Through our online exercise and nutrition coaching and in-house workshops, you’ll learn how negative coping strategies affect you or your colleagues. And how this is as important as understanding the positive effect of healthy habits and routines.

Environmental Wellbeing

If you spent your time at work in a cramped office devoid of natural light, sitting on a chair that gave you backache with your nearest kitchen two floors away, you’d soon be looking for a new job.

Most of us spend more than a third of our adult lives at work, so it’s no surprise that the spaces we work in can have a direct effect on our general health and wellbeing.

It takes relatively little effort to create a working environment that has a positive impact on our attention to detail, engagement, productivity and overall health. In contrast, you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to work out that dark and gloomy offices are less likely to get the best out of people.

We provide design consultancy and ergonomic advice to understand how to create the best possible environment for people to work in. With our assistance you will nurture a happier, healthier and more productive organisation. And as a result, the health of your bottom line will improve, too.

Client Testimonials

  • I am delighted to recommend Heeral as a coach and facilitator. She provided coaching and team building support for us and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Heeral quickly built trust and developed relationships which allowed for effective coaching and training on the day. Heeral is always available and flexible with time. There is no cookie cutter, Heeral got to know the people and the business to ensure that she delivered the most effective product and got us the results we were after. She has also left us with valuable tools that both our employees and leaders will utilize.

    Karyn Peixoto, HR Manager, Hiscox Re & ILS, Bermuda
  • Heeral gave an informative and interactive session on Diversity, she then guided our discussions with thought provoking topics and questions. I have taken away a long list of points to consider and have booked in a follow up session to conduct a review and discuss a plan for implementation. Would definitely recommend!

    Jessica Cram, People & Culture Partner, The Workshop
  • It’s with pleasure that I recommend the coaching service provided by Heeral. She has aided in developing me as a leader at Uniplaces, with a friendly and approachable style, and is always available outside of regular coaching sessions. She has provided some excellent tools and materials not only useful for leadership but also for any managers in the company. I would recommend her coaching services to any leaders looking to grow their skills or those needing a sounding board outside of the company.

    Alex Shaw, CFO, Rated People, formerly at Uniplaces Ltd.
  • Heeral has really helped drive our diversity agenda at Tandem, helping pick out the elephants in the room and getting some healthy discussion going at a company-wide forum. Heeral's relaxed and genuine style resonated well with colleagues across the business and I received some excellent feedback on the workshop she held with us which was due to the preparation and passion she put into it.

    Melanie Punch, Head of Careers at Investec, formerly at Tandem, London
  • Heeral’s approach to training is thought-provoking, hands on, and creative. I liked the fact that Heeral could relate to my issues, based on her own experiences, and she was very motivational and easy to talk to. Heeral doesn't use fancy acronyms or buzz words, (unlike some other training facilitators), she just ‘tells it as it is’ and her upbeat personality is infectious. I look forward to working with her in the future.

    Louise Clements, HR Manager at Argenta, London
  • As a coach, Heeral has the ability to very quickly grasp the objectives you're working towards and is therefore able to tailor very personal advice and guidance to give you the very best chance of achieving those outcomes.

    Unlike other coaches I've worked with, who can sometimes be overly direct or dictatorial, Heeral is wonderfully collaborative in her approach and wins both trust and respect quickly.

    She transformed the way I present myself not only in a B2B context, but also on a personal level and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her.

    Mark Norman, Copywriter, London
  • I attended a Women in Leadership seminar with Heeral and it was very insightful and helped me feel more passionate about going after what I want. There was a moment in the seminar that was very powerful to me and it was about whether or not we were working as a partner in our firm or just an employee. It was thought provoking and I look forward to other training sessions Heeral offers.

    Marcia Malpas, L&D, Ernst and Young Bermuda
  • Whether you are at the top of the corporate ladder or just beginning your climb, you will greatly benefit from the resources, knowledge, and insight provided in Heeral's Women in Leadership Seminar.

    Lisa Spencer-Arscott, Head of HR, Conyers Dill & Pearman, Bermuda
  • Heeral has a very interesting and professional way of presenting her coaching and seminars.
    Her background in the professional world as an actuary certainly adds to her skills as a coach and makes her even more credible and empathetic.
    We are glad we chose Heeral as our coach; certainly thought provoking.

    Michael Swain, former Head of Codan Management Ltd, Bermuda
  • I've had a life-coaching session with Heeral and we discussed the body image struggles I'm having since competing. Usually, talking about yourself for an hour would feel self-indulgent but when someone has set aside their time and allows you to express how you feel in a constructive way, it can really help you to see things in a more useful way. Highly recommended!

    Grace Stilgoe, Actuary and UKBFF 2015 Finalist, London
  • I'll admit that I was unsure of what to expect but I was amazed at how quickly I felt at ease with you, and how easy you made it for me to open up about a whole range of subjects. I felt like I was talking about a range of unconnected subjects, but you somehow pulled it all together in a way that I wouldn't have been able to do alone. I will definitely be able to use the strategies that you gave me to work on the areas that I want to develop.

    Jaine Stanway, IT Manager, England
  • This was my first experience of life coaching, and Heeral put me at my ease immediately. She is funny, friendly, and incredibly insightful - picking through all my waffle to find the key points that really set me thinking. Throughout the session, Heeral was incredibly encouraging and supportive, and if you're looking for someone cheering in your corner, I'd definitely recommend Heeral.

    Karen Jones, England
  • Your workshops and reading your website has been very inspiring. It's always great to inject a positive mindset in the workplace, and you have certainly helped to make this happen.

    I'm really excited about my next journey, wherever it may take me! I will now have more time to concentrate and nurture my new food business.

    Gina Lely, Hanoi Cà Phê, London
  • When I started sessions with Heeral, I was feeling a bit stuck and there was a sense of idleness and lethargy in my creative life. I needed a jump start and she was able to help me do that with excitement and grace. After just a few sessions, I started to feel reinvigorated.

    Now I am in the opposite situation: an abundance of energy and creativity. Her working style embraces a good balance of confidence and empathy and I have benefited a great deal from the work we have done so far.

    Mickey Daguiso, Artist and Musician, Washington DC
  • I can sincerely recommend Heeral. During our coaching sessions together she has brought both clarity and awareness around the issues regarding my business. Ideas and concepts that I have implemented to great effect.

    It has been an absolute pleasure to have been coached by her.

    Carrie Brooks, Coach, London
  • I engaged Heeral to provide 2 corporate training workshops.

    Heeral tailored both sessions to the audience (one was for more junior employees and the other for a skills refresher for senior level brokers) and actively reached out prior to the engagements to ensure the materials would be exactly what we were looking for.

    Heeral is knowledgeable and relatable to her audience, and delivers her message with passion. I definitely recommend her for corporate training seminars!

    Amy Wolfinger, Casualty & Healthcare Insurance Broker, AON Bermuda
  • I’d like to thank Convergent Consulting for the high quality training and personal development sessions. The service both before, during and after the sessions was first class. Our staff thoroughly enjoyed it and benefited from the guidance and support you have given.

    We will definitely continue these courses as we feel the staff have learned non-technical skills that they wouldn’t have learned ordinarily. Thanks again and I hope this will be a long collaboration.

    Peter Petrou, Director at Nicholas Peters & Co., London
  • As an organisation, we came to a point where we had to review our strategy and it was agreed that we would need someone to come in and facilitate a strategy planning day with the Leadership Team. We approached Heeral and right from the on start we found her to be professional, patient and most importantly she had a real willingness to get to know us as individuals as well as the organisation.

    She prepared a bespoke workshop for us which enabled us to really challenge our thought processes and equally review how we have been doing things in the past. We found her to be very engaging and supportive throughout the process and we all got a lot out of the day and afterwards! I would wholeheartedly recommend her services to any organisation that is looking at future plans as well as organisations that are exploring change.

    Simmi Woodwal, Chief Executive at The Honeypot Children’s Charity, London
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