It’s an election year, not just for us in the UK, but for so many countries around the world… so how is that relevant to EDI in your workplace?

If you follow the news things are going to get heated… you’ll have noticed it already, but it’s going to get more intense…

Stories on the news on all sides of the political spectrum are going to be EVEN MORE biased than usual!

So be mindful of the impact the news has on you, or the words of politicians, and how that affects the mindset you bring into work and the people around you.

The news and politicians – they literally want to get a rise out of us.

At the end of the day we have to remember the human beings we all are, not the news stories we might get told we represent by organisations who don’t care about our wellbeing.

Inclusion at work can’t stop just because the news is going wild and trying to rile us up.