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These four digital courses are an essential part of your EDI learning journey:

Working with Inclusion and Respect - AVAILABLE NOW!
Your organisation needs simple a way to bring fundamental knowledge to your people, not least because it's very rare for people to read the Employee Handbook or HR policies which are related to bullying and harassment.

They need this module because they should:
- know the law and what it expects of us in the workplace
- understand the 9 Protected Characteristics
- understand the spectrum of incidents that can occur in the workplace
- know how to implement inclusive behaviours
- be able to recognise unhelpful and discriminatory behaviours
- be able to contribute to creating psychological safety

You need your people to know this to:
- protect your organisation from vicarious liability
- get new starters onboarded on the right foot; from those at the start of their careers through to those at the senior end of their careers
- get them comfortable with starting brave conversations about inclusion in the workplace
- build an inclusive culture by understanding and taking consciously inclusive actions.

Microaggressions - AVAILABLE NOW!
Too often the prospect of microaggressions occurring in the workplace creates so much fear (or apathy) that the reactions to them are totally inappropriate.

Either they get treated immediately as seriously as bullying and harassment, or they are dismissed and ignored.

Neither approach is likely to work well. In fact we're likely to break trust with our colleagues.

This module will help your people understand:
- different types of microaggressions
- the impact of them
- how they fit in to the spectrum of incidents that can occur in a workplace
- what to do if they experience, witness or cause a microaggression

You need your people to know what to do when a microaggression occurs, so that
- a difficult situation isn't made worse
- we can prevent recurrences
- we prevent escalation into bullying & harassment
- we learn how to rebuild trust after a microaggression has occurred

Dismantling Bias - AVAILABLE NOW!
Talking about bias isn't easy... and that’s because too often the conversation is being codified into this simple, but very flawed equation:

a person with biases = a bad person

This sort of thinking doesn’t help us build strong relationships with colleagues, or engage in conversations about EDI.

With this module your people will learn:
- about the different types of bias
- how bias gets in the way of making high-quality decisions at work (e.g. recruitment, promotion etc)
- about different examples of bias and the impact this has on your people and your business
- how to interrupt our biases before they impact the actions we take and the decisions we make
- how to move into conscious inclusion

The Language of Inclusion - AVAILABLE NOW!
'I don’t know what to say and struggle to find the right words.'

'I don’t want to make a mistake, so I won’t say anything.'

'My values are what they are, so how can I connect with someone I disagree with?'

To engage with each other in conversations about EDI we need to be able to move past these common blockers to meaningful connection.

The problem is that too many organisations jump straight to lists of banned words or approved language guides, without working on the Principles of Inclusive Language first.

This module will help you and your people figure out:
- how to play a part in creating an environment where colleagues are heard and understood
- how to navigate defensiveness you/they might experience along the way
- how to critically examine what inclusive language looks like at your organisation

And to do all this without taking a dogmatic approach.


Because these four are our most often requested live sessions.

And because on average each year, UK businesses invest £1500 per head – £42bn in total – training their staff1. And too much of it doesn’t work.

In fact, in a recent survey 99 per cent of people in work reported that they had experienced training that didn’t achieve the outcomes that were expected2.


So, who’s to blame? The trainers? The employees? The employers?

We won’t speculate… What is certain, though, is that too many businesses don’t create the right environment for learning and development, and more can be done to ensure people – and the businesses they work for – get the most out of the training they do.

This is especially true in EDI.


Too much EDI training is riddled with dogma.

It reduces us down to ‘good’ or ‘bad’ depending on what we do or don’t do.

What we say or don’t say.

But we are more than simplistic labels, and it’s exactly because we are more, that together we can build a message that is powerful and meaningful.


So in our trainings we do two things:

  1. We prioritise inclusion for everyone
  2. We do this by emphasising Accountability, Respect and Compassion


To get an idea of our ethos, watch this little taster video which is at the start of all our courses…

Our live and online courses are different because we know these fundamental things:


Learning Is Social

We’ll help you create internal spaces, online and in person and via video so your people can talk about what they learn


Learning Is Continuous

We’ll ensure your managers sign up straight away by helping you implement inclusion check-ins and teaching them how to run inclusion check-ins with their teams too.


Learning Is Driven by Line Managers

Your line managers are your gateway to success – they set tone and help their teams to share, implement and embed what is learned to create understanding. We’ll help you foster this at every stage.


Learning Is Blended

No single approach on its own is the only right approach. People get more from their learning and development when a mix of training options is delivered virtually and in a classroom/workshop environment – this is our sweet spot.


Learning Is Sharing

We’ll equip your People Team to run internal discussions; create Train the Trainer opportunities where we will provide support in specific subject areas. You’ll truly be able to say that EDI change is employee-led and L&D-led


Learning Is Understanding

Don’t underestimate the power of curiosity, belief in the outcome and reflection on what was heard. Curiosity is at the core of successful training. Belief in the outcome is at the core of motivation. Reflection on what was heard is at the core of change.


Learning Is for Everyone

Your SLT has to lead by example. We’ll help you ensure they do the course with everyone else and to make sure everyone in your organisation knows they did it.


Learning Is Shareable

You don’t have to spend a fortune on lots of facilitated small-group discussions. By creating your own internal community, using Teams/Stack/Padlet/Miro or similar, you can put these conversations in everyone’s reach. We’ll show you how.


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