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“In the last six months alone, companies including Netflix, Disney and Warner Bros. have let go of senior D&I executives.”

The reason why many people in these Chief Diversity Officer roles are let go is because they were hired at a time when companies were under a huge amount of social pressure to ‘show’ that they were listening.

Except they weren’t really listening, it was performative action taken under the pressure of shame and guilt – which NEVER leads to lasting change.

And then once social pressure got taken over by economic pressure – these internal EDI people were the first to be let go.

Meaningful change has to start with meaningful conversation. And this is missing because leaders are too afraid to have it. That’s what we need to change first.

Conversely, all these companies hiring CDO’s were basically virtue signalling – which is the biggest waste of time and terrible for PR, just don’t do it!

In too many of these companies a Chief Diversity Officer is just a plaster being stuck on a gaping wound.