If you’ve been following us for a little while you’ll know that we take great pride in the workshops we offer at Convergent.

So we’re especially stoked to get this feedback from Jolyon Varley, CEO of OK COOL

“Convergent’s sessions on Working with Inclusion and Respect, and Microaggressions were an essential part of opening up conversations about inclusion at OK COOL – what it means for us as a group of connected people and as a very visible company.

Heeral’s way of talking about topics that are sensitive and that can seem intimidating, played an influential part in helping us build our vision of inclusion. Her approach is pragmatic and respectful – there is no labelling people as good or bad – there’s compassion when mistakes are made, and there’s accountability too.

More SLTs and companies need to look at EDI in this way – because it’s the only way towards meaningful change.”

Thank you Jolyon 🙏 🙏

The workshops we run for our clients come at EDI from a pragmatic perspective that allows us all to be human and make mistakes. It’s how we respond to mistakes that matters, not that we don’t make them at all.

Because EDI is not about being perfect, having the moral high ground, or lording EDI over people – that isn’t how we bring people together.

So we’re excited that four of our most requested workshops are being turned into eLearning modules – because we want to bring true inclusion to more people.

– Working with inclusion and respect
– Microaggressions
– The Language of Inclusion
– Dismantling Bias

Check out this link to find out more and get in touch with us if you’re interested in opening up brave conversations at your organisation.

And read more about our work with OK COOL here.