We’re speaking to leaders at a charity based in SE-England about running an EDI learning project, and one thing they asked about was the positive aspect of starting conversations about Microaggressions.

Because of how EDI is perceived, they have some worries that EDI conversations are going to lead to a lot of finger-pointing.

And it can do, it all depends on how these conversations are framed.

Our session on Microaggressions makes clear that this isn’t about creating an environment where we are too afraid to talk to each other, but rather that we are all human so we will ALL make mistakes, and we will ALL have awareness gaps.

So we must approach microaggressions with compassion and with the capacity to rebuild bruised relationships. Whether we commit them, witness them or experience them.

As a result of the workshop Convergent has run with so many other clients we can confidently say that even though it can initially be uncomfortable, the conversations aren’t scary or moralising.

This is essential for organisations – for them to be able to embrace the cultural AND commercial benefits of creating a positive and inclusive organisational culture.

Let’s have these conversations!!

Download this free resource on Microaggressions.