Did you know that Spotify have a Flexible Public Holiday policy? Where employees can trade a public holiday for a religious holy day from their religion? Monzo Bank has this too.

How does it work? Well this weekend is Easter, instead of taking the time off a Hindu employee could work on Friday and Monday, and use the days off for major Hindu festivals like Divali and Janmashtami.

And the day doesn’t have to be used for a religious holy day, it can be used for any day which is important to the employee, for example Stephen Lawrence Day or International Day for Trans Visibility. At Monzo you can even swap a bank holiday for your birthday.

Since the UK is the 50th most religiously diverse country in the world (based on 2010 stats) this is a policy more organisations could benefit from. It’s a wonderful way to respect the diversity of people’s beliefs.

What small change could you make at your workplace that would provide a big win on the inclusion front?