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“Racist and wrong” said Number 10

The strength of feeling and upset from black women is understandable. And I’m sure it’s compounded by Number 10’s statement which is the definition of delayed virtue signalling.

Delayed because that’s not what they said first. First they were wishy washy.

And if they don’t return the donation (or donate it forwards themselves) then you know the statement is worth nothing.

– Did they mis-read the room?
– Did they not care?
– Did they rush out the first statement without thinking, because that’s the world we live in now?

I can’t answer those questions with any certainty. No one can because we can’t read minds, but we can spot patterns.

How we react/respond to situations will build inclusion, or take us away from it. So, what are you, senior leader, going to learn from this mess? What are you going to do if something like this ever happens at your firm?

Don’t turn to any of our political leaders for guidance, because their political playbook isn’t going to help you.

EDI Verdict:

Do NOT recommend