A US court has come to an interesting decision, ruling that playing music with raunchy, derogatory or obscene lyrics can create a hostile workplace, and might even violate laws against sexual discrimination.

The decision allows eight former employees in the warehouse of S&S Activewear, a US sportswear brand, to move forward with a lawsuit:

The workers say the firm blasted “sexually graphic [and] violently misogynistic” music, and that this music acted as a “catalyst” for male staff to engage in abusive behaviour.

The employees had notified their employer about this many times over nearly two years… and guess what…

No one listened, and now here we are…

What should have happened?

** The company should have listened and INVESTIGATED **

So, should companies play any music they want?

Probably not. Employers may want to review their policies regarding music in the workplace and get legal advice where necessary.

And most definitely don’t ignore complaints from employees.

EDI Verdict:

Do NOT recommend


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