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Over the weekend Matty Healy has been on the news because of his drunken outburst on-stage in Malaysia, which local LGBTQ+ activists have said has harmed their efforts for greater inclusion in the Muslim country.

He got on stage and went on a massive rant, then the band scarpered off on a plane to Indonesia, leaving behind a sh*t-storm in their wake.

Did Matty Healy not know about any of the issues before he collected the cheque for performing in Malaysia? A country whose leaders he called “ret*rds”. No of course he didn’t. But that didn’t stop him from mouthing off.

The thing is… if we’re going to go into someone else’s space and express outrage at how they do things, at least make sure you’re not harming those in that same space who are fighting for the same things you say you stand for.

But most of all I’m just so bored of Matty Healy. Ultra performative behaviour and totally unoriginal ‘rockstar’ antics.

EDI Verdict:

Do NOT recommend