AKA could you have got away with missing the Women’s World Cup Final?

If your top women representatives went all out on the global stage in your sector and you sent a video of support, when in the past you’ve shown up and showed out in public for the top men in your organisation who haven’t reached the same heights yet, then questions would be probably asked…

The sort of questions that are being asked of Prince William…

⚽ People are saying with great confidence that if the men’s team had got through to the World Cup Final then, as the President of the FA, William would have been there. I’d say that’s highly likely to be the case.

⚽ Others are saying he didn’t go to protect his green credentials… unless we’re saying he’s never going to fly anywhere again, this argument is a silly one.

⚽ Others suggest he couldn’t go because of royal protocol. If that’s the case then the Palace should have provided that information to the public, rather than it having to be speculated on by journos, royal correspondents and X-Warriors. (The rumoured protocol being that he can’t go to a Commonwealth country that hasn’t yet been visited by the new King. I think… I don’t know how correct this is.)

⚽ ⚽ Accountability for Prince William could end up meaning he loses or has to relinquish his Presidency of the FA – but what does that really mean to him when you consider his future as King?

Losing his position in the FA would be embarrassing for a short while, but his life will go on. As will the 24 hour news cycle.

Ok CEO, so what does this mean for you?

If you are angling to get out of something work-related, ask yourself:

⚽ – Would I do this usually? If a different group of people were involved?
⚽ – Is the reputational bruising I might get worth whatever hassle I think I’m avoiding in the moment of saying “nah, I don’t think I’ll bother”?
⚽ – Is there a legitimate reason I can’t go, even though it might not be a popular reason? Yes? Well then tell people, transparency is actually a good thing in the long run.

Prince William, and Rishi, have let the side down. Their presence supporting the Lionesses in the Final would have boosted the game even further than it has already been boosted this tournament.

Instead, the public narrative that’s starting to take shape in some corners is this:

“If they can’t be bothered with the women’s game, why should we be?”

That can’t feel great for the Lionesses.

But ultimately, footballers will keep footballing no matter who the President of the FA is.

Sadly for you, CEO, if you eff up the way PW has, your people will pay a lot more attention and for longer than the standard news cycle.

EDI Verdict:

Do NOT recommend