How do we know if something is Cultural Appreciation or Cultural Appropriation?

This can be a very sensitive subject. And if you are an organisation that awards/invests money to new businesses it might actually be something you have to think about.


🎈Do you remember back in 2019 when Kim Kardashian had to change the name of her shapewear brand from Kimono to Skims?

She made the change because Japanese people were offended that she would use the name of a traditional Japanese dress with symbolic meaning to the country, for a line of clothing totally unrelated to their culture.

🎈A product or service that isn’t well thought out or one that draws from another culture in a disrespectful way can stop a business in its tracks.

So if you are an investor, it is important to understand the difference between Cultural Appreciation and Cultural Appropriation. We believe this knowledge will add an additional dimension to your analysis of the various opportunities you’ll be assessing for investment

Our specialist session written for investors creates awareness about the concept of cultural appropriation by looking at contemporary examples.

The aim of this session is to encourage discussion by looking at examples, and by discussing what questions we can ask ourselves and the applicants about the authenticity of their business ideas.

Our session brings knowledge, understanding and nuance to this conversation. And it suggests the kinds of questions you can ask business owners who are seeking investment.