UnLtd finds, funds and supports social entrepreneurs – people with enterprising solutions that change our society for the better. Formed in 2002 by seven organisations that believed social entrepreneurs had a much bigger contribution to make to our economy and society, UnLtd were among the first to back individuals to create social good.

We have been working with UnLtd throughout 2021, delivering sessions on Working with Inclusion and Respect, Microaggressions and Inclusive Behaviours. We have curated guides to support managers as they navigate incidences of microaggressions in the workplace, and also to better understand Mental Health through the Lens of Inclusion.

We are delighted to be continuing our work with UnLtd into 2022 – delivering workshops on Defensiveness and Ownership, and How to be an Active Bystander.

Testimonial from Serena Kashim, Head of HR

Convergent has embraced our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion so warmly. We care deeply about this work and commissioned Convergent to create tools and resources as well as expertise and encouragement.

‘Mental Health Through the Lens of Inclusion’ and a ‘Guide to Microaggressions’ have had a powerful practical and positive impact on our teams and organisation.

These resources will continue to help us as we become the equitable, inclusive UnLtd we aspire to.

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