Trinny London is a company that has grown phenomenally in sales and headcount since March 2020. With people being promoted and taking on more responsibility we were brought in to support the new leaders and managers.

Our Fundamentals of Leadership course has now supported more than 30 managers at Trinny London. The modules and coaching sessions have given the managers opportunities to discuss the excitement and the challenges of working in a high-growth start-up, and we have been privileged to be able to help.

The course covers Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Delegation and Trust, and Mental Health Awareness, and we are continuing to support new leaders in 2022.

Testimonial from Shira Feuer, CMO

We’re an incredibly fast-paced high-growth start-up and I wanted to find something that would work for a company like ours. I was so pleased that from the very beginning of this course, so many members of the team were coming to me and telling me how great it was and how much they were enjoying it. By the end, more than one said they wished it would never end!

Not only did everyone rave about how much they learned as individuals, they also proactively told me how useful it was to get them to bond as a team and understand that they were all going through a lot of the same things. We’re now looking at how we can continue this coaching for them on a longer-term basis since they’ve found it to be so motivating, as well as doing the same course again for other new members of the team. Convergent did an excellent job and I would not hesitate to recommend the course to any business looking to provide impactful coaching and training for their teams.

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