We were asked to support the new EDI team at Peter Symonds College in understanding the fundamentals of equality, diversity and inclusion.

We facilitated a discussion covering the following areas and provided follow-up support to Lee Slaymaker:

  • Defining EDI and the protected characteristics
  • Understanding privilege and intersectionality
  • Understanding bias
  • Disability awareness
  • Handling difficult conversations – including addressing microaggressions

We’re delighted to be part of raising awareness at a school which is educating and supporting the minds of the next generation.

Testimonial from Lee Slaymaker, EDI Coordinator

We had a training session with Convergent for our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team that focussed on how to have difficult conversations with people, specifically dealing with microaggressions, explaining privilege and understanding legal obligations.

It was a dynamic, engaging session where everyone was made to feel at ease to ask questions and to reflect on their own experiences.

Encouraging people to relate these very difficult topics to their own lives helped give them an "in" to understand them in a way that encourage empathetic understanding. An all-round excellent session that I would recommend to anyone.

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