Pandable is a woman-led SEO agency with a global reach, that is powering search marketing with data-informed decision making. They are proving that all organisations do well from taking inclusion and wellbeing seriously.

We have been working with the founders of Pandable to raise their awareness of various I&D subjects such as Understanding Privilege and Intersectionality, Brave Conversations About Race, Transgender Awareness, Allies and Collaborators and Microaggressions. We have curated a guide to support them as they create protocols to address potential incidences of microaggressions in the workplace, and also to better understand what it means to be inclusive leaders.

We are delighted to be continuing our work with Pandable by running all employee workshops on Financial Wellbeing and further supporting the founders as they build an inclusive company from the ground up.

Testimonial from Liv Taylor-Weale, Founder and Culture Director

We have been working with Convergent since November 2021, and their support has been completely invaluable to us as an agency. Our culture mission at Pandable is to ensure that we truly understand what it means to be inclusive, and to create a place where everyone on our team feels a sense of belonging.

Since we began working together, Convergent has delivered some intensive 121 coaching to Pandable's leadership team including, but not limited to: EDI, Transgender Awareness and Understanding Privilege, all of which have been eye-opening and extremely educational. We have also worked together to create a Microaggressions guide which has been distributed internally to the team and added to our handbook.

We will continue to work with Convergent for the foreseeable future, offering the very best in wellbeing programmes for our team, as well the founders. Ensuring that we are providing opportunities to always be learning and growing both personally and professionally is hugely important to us, and we couldn't have a better partner to support us on this continued journey.

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