We were invited to work with a well-established support team in Hiscox’s Bermuda office.

Through psychometric testing, bespoke workshop and guidebook design, and one-to-one coaching, we were able to provide insight into their ways of working and how to make changes for the better. And we supported the team in making those changes through the coaching sessions.

(Of course it didn’t hurt that we were invited to go out to Bermuda to deliver the workshop in person!)

Testimonial from Karyn Peixoto, Head of HR, Hiscox Re & ILS

I am delighted to recommend Convergent and Heeral as a coach and facilitator. She provided coaching and team building support for us and it was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Heeral quickly built trust and developed relationships which allowed for effective coaching and training on the day. Heeral is always available and flexible with time. There is no cookie cutter,

Heeral got to know the people and the business to ensure that she delivered the most effective product and got us the results we were after. She has also left us with valuable tools that both our employees and leaders will utilize.

Team Practices Workshop
Guide book