We have been working with the management team at Born Social since July 2020, providing retained consultation support to them on inclusion and diversity: how to address specific matters arising on a day-to-day basis and wider areas related policy and process.

Since beginning our work, Born have implemented protocols on dealing with microaggressions in the workplace and also supporting people who identify as being from under-represented groups through regular Inclusion Check-in conversations with them.

We have delivered awareness raising workshops on Inclusive Behaviours & Cultural Intelligence, Understanding Privilege & Intersectionality, Transgender Awareness, Mental Health First Aid training, and we have helped facilitate talks from external speakers such as Kelechi Okafor.

Our work with Born has formed part of their broader strategy in the business working towards their pending B-Corp Certification.

In 2021 our consultation support has been expanded to include the Heads of Teams, and in 2022 we are delivering further awareness raising workshops to all employees.

Testimonials from Ben Tyson, CEO & Charlotte Hamill, COO

Ben Tyson:

We started working with Convergent in the Summer of 2020 - this was an important step on our journey to becoming a more inclusive, diverse and representative company.

In that time, we have been supported by Convergent in many different ways: invaluable 121 coaching support for all our senior leaders that lets us discuss difficult subjects in a safe and non-judgemental space, all-hands awareness raising workshops and Mental Health First Aid training.

The work we continue to do with Convergent marks our commitment to building an organisation that is creating inclusion not just internally, but also externally in the work we do with our clients. Thank you!

Charlotte Hamill:

Convergent tailored and facilitated a really worthwhile workshop for the Born Social senior leadership team.

Our aim was to increase our knowledge and confidence in racial inclusion and representation. The facilitator created a safe environment for candid conversation and learning and found the balance between offering tangible guidance and acknowledging where there is not a simple answer to give.

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Mental Health First Aid
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