Science and Tech companies: there is a problem at source.

An article today reports on some stark socio-economic findings about STEM…

“Teach First has found that pupils from lower socioeconomic backgrounds ‘don’t see it as a subject for somebody like them’.”

“Disadvantaged parents rule out careers in science, technology, engineering and maths for their children because they think those jobs are “already stitched up””

There is a perception, marketing and actual problem if even parents, let alone kids, don’t see jobs in STEM as a realistic career direction.

This is a major issue for a sector that needs to recruit locally at high levels to compete globally.

I’ve always been sceptical of pure economics driving what careers kids are needed to go into. But it’s one thing to be directed towards a career, and another to not even think a career is open to you at all.

Any number of vocations and professions could be missing out on talented/interested kids – by the kids not being given the education, information and confidence needed to go for it!

Companies that have the influence (and resources) need to help the education sector change these perceptions.

Change takes time. Talent pipelines don’t change overnight or through magical thinking. But we do actually have to do more to see the change we say we want to see.