Recently I wrote a guest blog on mental wellbeing in the workplace. There is still much stigma surrounding stress. So much so that 95% of employees calling in sick because of stress actually give a different reason.

14th to 20th May 2018 is Mental Health Awareness Week. Stress levels are on the rise globally and stress is believed to be responsible for about 40% of days lost to work-related illnesses. (Nuffield Health). Anxiety about the future is a leading cause, especially for employees of large companies.

What can you do to reduce the impact of stress?

First off, identify what is causing you to feel stressed. This might be work or a strained relationship. Once you know it’s easier to take control and make decisions on what you can change.

It’s a lot easier to make those decisions if you’ve been looking after yourself – so that you don’t add to the stress you’re already feeling. Here are some ideas from the National Health Service:

  1. Be more active, more regularly
  2. Manage how and what you spend time on
  3. Build a strong support network of family, friends and trusted colleagues
  4. Take some time out for yourself – relax or meditate.
  5. Challenge yourself rather than sticking to what you know
  6. Keep clear of unhealthy habits
  7. Get regular sleep

At Convergent Consulting we believe in helping people and organisations to look at how they can improve their levels of wellbeing. Stress can’t be beaten overnight – but with a little planning we can beat it right back!