Heroes – we want them, maybe even need them. In a way not seen before, people the world over are drawn to them. The real-life ones, and also the fantastical, cinematic ones. Some give us hope in a seemingly fractured world, some downright frighten and yet fascinate us.

The Heroic Imagination Project, created by Phil Zimbardo (the man behind the Stanford Prison Experiment), has already recognised the world needs more everyday heroes. The project teaches people in everyday situations what they can do to go from being a bystander to someone who takes action.

“Anyone can be a hero anytime an opportunity arises to stand up for what is right and just, and to speak out against injustice, corruption, and other evils.” – Phil Zimbardo


So, to celebrate the different kinds of heroes out there, Graham Field and I are writing a series of articles on the larger-than-life characters from The Avengers, their enemies and their friends. The kinds of people we often come across at work, those that leave an impact, from the start to the Endgame.

You can find links to them all here, this page will be updated as we add more.

Thanos – the Mad Titan

Tony Stark – Iron Man

Black Panther – King and Protector

The Guardians of the Galaxy

Captain Marvel – A Hero Unleashed

Captain America – Old Style Values in a New World

Endgame – Here’s Why the Avengers Mean Business