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EDI Verdicts, Race
EDI Verdict: 'Racist and wrong'
We're not convinced any senior leader should turn to any of our political leaders for guidance, because their political playbook isn't go...
Diversity, I&D, Inclusion
Why OK COOL are cool with us
OK COOL is tapped into Gen-Z culture like no other company we’ve worked with. Their culture is as exciting and highly responsive as Gen Z...
Culture, Diversity, I&D, Inclusion
Let’s Agree to Agree
You might be very surprised to find out that the psychological truth in our society is that, most people agree on most things.
Culture, Free Speech, I&D, Inclusion, Inclusive Language
Censoring Roald Dahl
Read on for Heeral's thoughts on the Roald Dahl rewrites
Inclusion, Inclusive Language, Wellbeing
Period Products
How a simple change to language can start to change attitudes
ABCs, Fertility, Inclusion
Infertility Awareness: the ABCs
Always be communicating. Infertility is hard on everyone who is affected by it. Your organisational policies and procedures should recogn...
Disability, Inclusion, Review
Review: Crip Camp
This Netflix documentary is a love letter to the disabled community. Read on to find out how a summer camp in the 70s led to internationa...
Disability, Inclusion
Rare Disease Day - 28 February
1 in 17 people will be affected by a rare disease at some point in their lives. Read on to learn more about what organisations can do to ...
I&D, Inclusion, LGBTQ+
LGBTQ+ History Month
LGBTQ+ History Month has been celebrated since 1994 in the US, and 2005 in the UK. So why do so many people think it's something new?
Disability, I&D, Inclusion
World AIDS Day
The Government has published its national HIV Action Plan to bring the number of new transmissions down to zero by 2030. Right now there ...
Culture, I&D, Inclusion
Black Lives Matter
In the UK we sometimes hear people saying the plight of Black Americans is a US problem. That US racism is far worse than UK racism.
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