In just 2 years hybrid working has gone from being a ‘fringe practice’ to standard procedure for many organisations. And the opportunities for greater inclusion for people who might have struggled to enter certain jobs have sky-rocketed, but is your organisation making the most of this and are your managers confidently leading hybrid teams?

To make a success of hybrid working there are some key questions all organisations need to ask:

  • Trust – are leaders at all levels committed to making hybrid-working actually work and do they trust their teams?
  • Communication – are managers considering how best to communicate with teams? After all, the last 2 years have shown that endless video meetings don’t help with focus and motivation, instead they can lead to burnout;
  • Flexibility – are leaders considering all forms of hybrid working? Because not everyone will have the same needs: e.g. even in 100%-remote organisations some people might want to work from co-working spaces near their homes to get interaction with people;
  • Inclusion – are existing team members feeling connected with their team and organisation? Are potential new hires seeing the organisation as a welcoming and viable place to work?
  • Wellbeing – are your managers equipped to have wellbeing conversations with team members? Not everyone finds home-working easy, even if they want to do it. And not all managers find it easy to have conversations about wellbeing.

Building a long-term support strategy for your managers is going to be essential to sustaining successful hybrid teams. Our workshop on hybrid working not only equips your managers with the tools they need, but we also provide a checklist and guide for them to refer back to after the session.

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