If you have a diverse and global workforce, AND you haven’t started an EDI programme yet… DO NOT start with Allyship training…

For a global company with colleagues in a diverse set of regions, the first marker in the road is that the EDI conversation is at very different stages in those different regions. Legal protections can be very different, and workplace equality and social activism conversations have very different lenses.

Allyship as a conversation and concept has a much stronger presence in the USA and UK, and to begin with that conversation for global colleagues, spread through, for example the UK, Middle East and South Asia, is to impose an Anglo-American EDI conversation.

When actually, because of the different regions involved we need to start with the fundamentals around workplace behaviour and bias.

The word ‘ally’ is often used as a descriptor – people like to describe themselves as allies. It makes them feel good.

But being an ally is not a fact in the same way as being a man or woman, gay or straight, black or white is.

Being an ally is about taking action to work against injustice. Not about giving ourselves a label that sounds good.

In the workplace we first need to focus on accountable, respectful and compassionate interactions, laced with knowledge about EDI. This is what leads to inclusion.

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