The crux of bias is this

😇 we have evolved to take short-cuts in our thinking

😇 these short-cuts can lead to biased decisions

😇 in the workplace these shortcuts are often unhelpful

😇 if we want to make high-quality decisions (who we hire or promote, what products we design) then we need to learn how to interrupt bias

😇 if we’re not willing to do this, then we’re effectively saying we are happy with being exposed to the risk of making low-quality decisions.

And if that’s the case then why are you in business?

There’s a lot of guff out there in conversations about bias and how to counteract its impact in the workplace. Some of that guff does EDI work the disservice of labelling biased people as bad.

Well, I guess we’re ALL bad then, because we all have biases.

If you want to strip through that; and take a long, hard look at why we should create environments where we can interrupt bias before it impacts our decisions then get in touch.

Over the weekend I read this letter in The Economist (scroll through below) and I was glad to see a HR Director who gets it – Scott Simmons 💪🏽