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At Convergent, our sole purpose is to help organisations and individuals to find tangible, achievable and measurable ways to put Inclusion at the heart of their cultural strategy.

Why? Partly because it’s the right thing for any morally and ethically responsible business to do – every organisation should aspire to ensure its people have the same opportunity to be valued, supported, recognised and rewarded equally.

But also because Inclusion is good for business. 

Got questions? Just ask.

Why should you look at inclusion, leadership and wellbeing?
The three are inextricably linked. The people at your organisation deserve to work in an inclusive environment, where they feel they belong and they demonstrate belonging to each other. Your leaders need to know how to create in inclusive culture and consistently demonstrate inclusive behaviours. And everyone needs to understand both the link between inclusion and belonging, and the impact a discriminatory experience has on people’s mental health.

Put another way – you can invest money in Employee Assistance Programmes and as many yoga and meditation sessions as you like for your people. But if they then return to an environment where they feel excluded and where your leaders don’t lead inclusively, then any positive mental-health impacts will be short-lived.

Contact us to find out how you can build an inclusion strategy that works for you and that retains your people.

Why is inclusivity so often misunderstood?
It’s misunderstood because of the stories we hear on the news and the take-downs we see on social media. It’s easy to become cynical, it’s easy to avoid difficult conversations, it’s easy to think that this work is too hard. But when we do this, nothing changes, and it’s more likely that feelings of belonging go down when you run engagement surveys.

So instead, let’s start here: no one can know everything and everyone makes mistakes. It’s what we do once we realise that we’ve caused harm that matters.

Working with us, you and your organisation will be able to have hard conversations that include the giving and receiving of challenging feedback about how our behaviour might have negatively impacted someone, even though we didn’t intend it.

Contact us to change the narrative around inclusion at your organisation.

What does ‘getting it wrong’ mean for your people and your organisation?
Getting it wrong can take many different forms.

For example: putting out press statements in support of a marginalised group only to find employees from the group taking to social media about their experiences in the workplace; turning every incidence of microaggression into a HR issue or dismissing its impact all together; leaders not role modelling inclusive behaviours and instead creating mini empires that end up at odds with your overall plans.

Getting it wrong can mean talented people leave, losing customers and clients, and suffering reputational damage. The good news is you can avoid so much of this.

Contact us to find out how you can avoid ‘getting it wrong’.

Do you have the information you need to make meaningful decisions about inclusion, leadership and wellbeing?
The best business decisions involve data, qualitative information, and some good old gut-feeling. But until recently, what too many organisations have done is run an unconscious bias (UB) workshop and hoped for the best. We’re glad to say this is starting to change. Not least because there is lots of information out there that shows UB workshops don’t achieve much change at all on their own.

To really understand what your organisation needs from an inclusion perspective you need data.

Contact us to find out how you can capture the information you need for your diversity strategy.

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